All about Moo Moo's

Famous for its Smoothies and Milk Shakes

moo-moo's has in it's short opening period received a cult following and status. it is popular amongst the students, tourists and locals alike.offering a wide range of chilled fruit smoothies to milkshakes made with icecream and blended with the favourite ingredient of your choice. the concept has been kept very simple and yet it seems to have taken oxford by storm! moo-moo's is a family business run by a local husband and wife team. they have a loyal and funky team who back them up.the name moo-moo's was chosen for the business because their oldest daughter "india" when she was a little child used to call her milky drinks "moo moo's " she is now in her twenties!!

all four family members have worked hard to make their dream into may even see "amber" the youngest daughter handing out flyers in town.

we hope to see you soon for your shakes and smoothies.

jason and bina
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